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Bibliography Timothy Slater

Liste publizierter Übersetzungen (Bücher, Artikel, etc.), interne Firmen-Publikationen nicht engeschlossen List of published translations (books, articles, etc.), company in-house publications not included

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  • Climail - bulletin of the Climate Alliance/Klima-Bündnis der europäischen Städte mit indigenen Völkern des Regenwaldes, Frankfurt am Main (occasionally, since 1999)

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  • Energy Developments (Gräfelfing, Germany: Technischer Verlag Resch), 1984:

- "Bed time: Fluidized-bed CHPs are out of the experimental stage"

- "Giving gas a turn: Using gas turbines in industrial and municipal cogeneration plants"

- "The Sarawak hydroelectric project"

- "Biogas technology depends on the socio-economic structures"

- "The Sudan faces enormous energy problems"

- "Efficient use of energy in Ecuador's sugar industry"

- "Better-qualified power specialists"

- “Rural electrification-a stepchild in development?"


-"A male expert would be ridiculous"

-"The possibilities are still unexploited"

-"Biogas is not the method"

"Advanced training in Bavaria for foreign specialists and managers of electrical utilities"


-"Good, better, GUD?"

-"The PRENFLO coal gasification process"

-"Jordan: The desert state is becoming a donor country"

  • Energie Spektrum (Gräfelfing: Verlag Resch), ISSN 3900-4916. May '86:

- "Gemeinsamkeit macht stark?", Thomas J. Murrin (into German)

International Edition, Dec. '88:

-"Making your bed: Circulating fluidized-bed combustion has become the technology of choice for power stations in the F. R. Germany in the Eighties"

-"World champions in sulphur scrubbing: The desulphurization of West German power stations is completed"

-"Coal technology is trumps: West German coal mines and boilermakers

cooperate" - "Upkeep: Power plants almost as good as new after overhaul"

-"Giant combined-cycle plants: Flexible choice of fuels with gas turbines"

-"The West German flue-gas scrubber makers"

Dec. '89:

- "Barsebeck: much sought after"

- "Buggenum: much sought after"

- "GDK 250"

- "GSP Favored"

- "A herald of the Single European Market"

- "Important percentage"

- "Koppers-`Accepting any reasonable demand'"

- "Progress with IGCC systems"

- "Whose IGCC system is the best?"

- "Prominent Prenflo"

- "Speaking the language of the electricity utilities"

- "VEW-`Partial gasification offers degrees of freedom'"

Dec. '90:

-"Burning old tires for power and profit"

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